La Contessa

by Mary DeMarco


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Mary DeMarco

About Us

La Contessa by Mary DeMarco

Each La Contessa design is completely handcrafted in the studio. First, a model is sculpted and then casted in pewter. The various pieces are then soldered and finished to create a multilayered, naturelike appearance. Semiprecious stones such as Carnelian, Desert Jasper, and Mojave Green Turquoise and Austrian crystals are used to create unique and beautiful combination of colors. Much attention is paid to detail— turn a piece over and you’ll find a bee, a bird, or a flower or perhaps a pair of hands or a bird in a nest as the closure on a necklace. All of these original features distinguish La Contessa in the marketplace, and the designs are often considered timeless collectibles for many customers.

“At La Contessa, we pride ourselves on American made and being a locally owned business,” said Mary. “And we love to give back to the community.” We were recently host for a jewelry-making party for the Creative Alliance and we continuously donate our work to local charities for their fundraisers. With so many jobs lost to overseas companies, we can say we are still doing it here, in the U.S., with pride.”